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Select Among 30 General Topics Lists

List of Update Bulletin Reference Numbers

If you know the three-digit code of the Update Bulletin that you want (from reading it in your newspaper), you can click on its number below to read the column again. There are links on each of the column pages to instantly download the Update Bulletin or you can click on Instant Update Bulletin Download here to begin the instant download procedure.

See 600 to 999 Update Bulletin Numbers below

300 to 499

500 to 599

312-new heat pumps
400-portable electric power
401-electric blanket/mattress
407-no squeak floor kits
409-steel front doors
410-weatherstrip door
411-attic foil/vents
412-bug repellant plants
413-self-clean/decor. glass
418-corn/wood furnaces
421-ductless central a/c's
425-smart thermostats
429-quick-delivery hot water
434-wood front doors
436-solar wood dryer
438-tree selector guide
441-low-voltage lights
442-solar window heater
443-solar water heater kits
444-front-loader washers
450-PV solar cell systems
457-screen/storm doors
458-cool house/heat water
462-hardwood floors
463-rolling portable a/c
464-hydromassage spa kits
471-Christmas ornaments
476-cedar houses
479-lighting controls
482-cork floor tiles
484-storage projects
485-windmills for electricity
486-duct booster fans
490-gas and oil boilers
493-ceiling paddle fans
496-water softeners
497-glass block windows
498-tilt in window sash kits
499-home security systems
500-butterfly gardens
502-cordless tools
503-co detector/alarms
508-DIY wall solar heater
514-solar outdoor lights
515-architectural shingles
518-timber-frame house
530-motion-sensing lights
537-solar cooker/ovens
540-good bugs/bat houses
544-no-maintenance decks
546-toilet flush kits
552-pocket door kits
553-improve fireplace
555-floor radiant heat
558-efficient outdoor lighting
559-clothes dryers
563-storm window kits
569-water filter/purification
578-quiet dishwashers
586-purifying houseplants
589-heat/cool zoning systems
594-remodel bathroom

See 800 to 999 Update Bulletin Numbers below

600 to 699 700 to 799
602-insulation material
603-steam room kits
605-emergency generators
607-herb/bread garden
616-door vestibule
617-insulating window film
619-lawn and hand sprinklers
621-dryer vent kits
623-greenhouse kits
631-new toilets
641-whole-house fans
647-electric water heaters
649-room/console humidifiers
658-garden windows
666-wood foundations
667-SAD light therapy kits
668-roofing panels
672-new barbecue grills
673-skylight selector
677-bow/bay windows
678-tankless water htr.
681-maintain your chimney
687-wood fireplaces
688-solar collector
691-soundproof walls
692-shower water filters
695-diy solar water heater
698-efficient gas furnaces
699-gas, kerosene room heaters
700-new vinyl windows
701-dwarf shrubs
706-electric space heaters
707-sun/wind shield
712-insulating paints
713-pressurized central a/c
715-paver patios
718-room air cleaners
722-hot water dispenser
723-geothermal heat pumps
724-screened patio rooms
725-vent-free gas fireplaces
731-natural cleaners
732-DIY gazebos/decks
733-furnace duct cleaning
734-80% gas furnaces
735-new siding materials
736-window/door awnings
737-kitchen countertops
738-SIPS house panels
742-UPS computer backup
746-foam block/concrete houses
748-wall finishing methods
750-straw bale houses
759-ozone pool purifier
760-surge suppressors
765-climbing vines selector
769-sunroom plans
770-pressure washers
774-post/beam houses
775-patio/deck heaters
776-roofing materials
777-wood-burning stoves
778-ceiling radiant heat
780-automatic pet doors
781-circular panelized houses
787-electric fireplaces
792-solar food dryer
793-ground cover selector
797-solar swim pool heat

800 to 899 900 to 999
800-home sauna kits
803-tune up air conditioner
804-gas furnace tune-up
809-vinyl/fiberglass fencing
811-gas water heaters
813-retractable screens
816-direct-vent gas fireplaces
825-home theater systems
827-garage door openers
828-warming drawers
831-central vacuums
835-solar houses
837-energy audits
843-window shutter bookcase
845-cordless/robot mowers
849-allergy-safe vacuum
851-mosquito killers
858-insulation/finish system
859-fragrant shrubs
860-concrete houses
861-window air conditioner
862-whirlpool bathtubs
869-dome homes
870-electric cooktops
876-gas ranges/ovens
877-quiet bath fans
879-steel framed house
880-corn/pellet heater
881-insulated garage doors
883-rolling shutters
888-electric warm floor
889-retractable patio awnings
893-ionization pool purifiers
896-residential metal roofing
914-kitchen range hood
919-night lights
920-skylight tube kits
921-central air conditioners
926-fiberglass windows
934-combo water/heat
936-compact fluorescent lights
937-caulking materials/tools
938-bath towel warmers
939-sliding patio doors
940-solar heater project
944-log home kits
950-central air cleaners
955-fiberglass doors
961-true masonry fireplaces
963-modular houses
967-keyless entry systems
970-removable window film
971-herbal tea gardens
974-wood windows
977-window/glass selector
978-greywater recycling
980-retaining wall kits
982-biomass heating
987-solar attic vent fans
992-sunrooms and kits
993-heat recovery ventilators
999-lawn drip watering kits