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"Attract butterflies to your backyard with plants and water"

Unlike my regular format, there is no column associated with this bulletin because it did not appear in the newspapers. The following is the introduction to Update Bulletin No. 500.

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There are several things to keep in mind when you are designing your garden. Butterfly-attracting flowers require plenty of sunshine. Butterflies are unable to produce their own body heat, so be sure to locate the garden in a sunny area. Since butterflies like to bask in the sun, you might consider adding a stone or brick path. This can help raise their body temperature so they are able to fly.

The garden also needs protection from the wind. Butterfly's wings are very fragile and they can tear easily in any strong wind. Planting the garden by a building, fence, wall or hedge of shrubs creates a wind break and provides shelter and protection. Building a butterfly house will also provide night time and hibernation protection for the butterflies. Be sure to include both larval and nectar plants in your garden. Try to include spring, summer and fall blooming varieties of both nectar and larval plants.

A successful garden should include several types of flowers for a continuous bloom time throughout the growing season. Butterflies are active from early spring until late fall. The nectar-producing flowers will attract the butterflies. These plants provide their source of food. The larval plants will lure the female butterflies where she will deposit her eggs. The newly hatched caterpillars need a ready food supply. Including a source of water will also lure butterflies to your garden. Never use pesticides or herbicides in or near your garden. These are toxic to butterflies, caterpillars and other good bugs.

Instant Download Update Bulletin No. 500 - selection guide of 80 host and nectar, flowers, shrubs and trees to attract butterflies, colors, bloom times, heights, zones, easy do-it-yourself plans with diagrams and dimensions for a butterfly hibernation box, several butterfly flower garden plans and a hardiness zone map.

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