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"Control pests naturally with herbs and flowers"

Unlike my regular format, there is no full-length column associated with this bulletin because it did not appear in the newspapers. The following is the introduction from the actual Update Bulletin No. 412.

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Herbs and flowers for controlling pests can be used effectively to keep unwanted insects and rodents away throughout the garden or indoors. They have the added benefit of being much safer than any chemicals used. Another advantage is that many of them are quite fragrant.

By rubbing your clothing with pennyroyal or lavender, you can keep mosquitoes, flies and gnats away. Make small herb-filled cloth bags to keep moths away from all of your clothing. Add a few spices to give it a nice fragrance. Strew herbs around the doorway to keep ants from entering.

When planning your vegetable garden, choose herbs that can be planted nearby to repel certain insects. Plant dill or borage near tomatoes to repel the tomato hornworm. When planting potatoes, try planting catnip to control Colorado potato beetles.

Instant Download Update Bulletin No. 412 - a chart of 30 herbs and flowers that will repel 25 specific insects and pests and growing guide showing flower colors, flower shapes, plant types (annual, bienniel, perennial), hardiness zones, height, spacing, preferred soil conditions, soil pH, bloom times and propagation methods (cuttings, seeds, division).

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