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"Non-toxic natural cleaning methods and insect controls"

Unlike my regular format, there is no column associated with this bulletin because it did not appear in the newspapers. The following is the introduction to the actual Update Bulletin No. 731.

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Many cleaners and pesticides can be harmful to the environment as well as to the health of both humans and animals. Many household products are hazardous materials. There are organic alternatives to many toxic household products. Listed below and on the following pages are alternative cleaners, pesticides and natural and organic gardening techniques. These recipes are safer and more earth-friendly than chemical cleaners and pesticides counterparts.

Use caution when mixing and using alternative recipes. Use these guidelines. DO NOT mix anything with a commercial cleaner. If you do store a homemade mixture, make sure it is properly labelled and do not store it in a container that could be mistaken for a food or beverage. Keep out of children's reach. Always wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and eyewear.

When preparing alternatives, mix only what is needed for the job at hand and mix them in clean, reusable containers. This will avoid waste and the need to save and store any cleaning mixture. Don't forget to do simple garden chores. Keep your lawn and garden weed-free. Remove and destroy infected plants. Broad-spectrum weed killers are poisonous to many kinds of life besides weeds — like you, your kids, your pets, your trees and shrubs, your garden plants, as well as birds and other wildlife.

Pesticides can remain active for a month to a year. Even after drying, pesticides release toxic vapors. Hand pull those weeds and mulch generously to cut down on weed killer use! Use biological controls such as lady bugs, lacewings or praying mantids. Learn to identify beneficial insects. Find out how to attract them.

Instant Download Update Bulletin No. 731 - list of 18 natural and organic garden controls, recipes for 42 natural household cleaners (alternatives to household chemicals) and 16 indoor and outdoor organic and non-toxic insect controls.

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