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Fireplace-Wood Heating Topics

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Homeowner Benefits? - These are the potential benefits that a typical homeowner will realize by following the tips or by installing the home-related products that are discussed in this column.

418 - Corn, pellet and wood-burning furnaces heat entire house conveniently
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 17 indoor and outdoor corn, pellet and wood forced-air furnace and hot water boiler manufacturers listing heat outputs, log sizes, hopper sizes, blower speeds, tanks capacities, features, prices, illustrations of many models, a wood heat evaluation worksheet and a firewood heat content chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Inexpensive whole-house wood heating, safe/clean outdoor units

436 - Dry firewood quickly in solar Virginian dryer/mini-greenhouse
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- Do-it-yourself instructions and materials list for making a two-door Virginian wood dryer/mini-greenhouse, firewood selector guide listing low/medium/high heat content wood types, wood heat evaluation worksheets to determine if wood heating is cost effective for your home, and safe wood burning tips.
Homeowner Benefits: Season firewood quickly, start plants early in spring, inexpensive to build

553 - Turn your fireplace into a real heat producer with simple improvements
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- Buyer's guide of 14 manufacturers of energy efficient and decorative glass fireplace doors, heat-radiating firebacks, inflatable chimney pillows, chimney covers, chimney fans, chimney damper/draft fans, heat-circulating grates showing heat outputs, sizes, features, tips for a clean, efficient fire and fireplace safety along with illustrations with descriptions of several products.
Homeowner Benefits: More heat output, better comfort, lower utility bills, attractive

681 - Check and maintain your fireplace chimney yourself
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- There is not Update Bulletin associated with this column.
Homeowner Benefits: Save maintenance costs, reduce chance of chimney fire, eliminate water leaks

687 - New woodburning fireplaces are attractive, easy to install
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 11 attractive, high-efficiency radiant and heat-circulating woodburning fireplaces, styles (corner, peninsula, see-through, single-sided, island), sizes, features, prices, a firewood selector guide, and wood heating evaluation worksheet to determine the relative cost of heating with wood.
Homeowner Benefits: Heat several rooms, lower utility bills, easy to install

725 - Vent-free gas fireplaces are attractive, efficient, easy to install
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- Buyer's guide of 10 vent-free gas (natural gas, propane, alcohol-gel) fireplaces and log set manufacturers listing heat outputs, styles (bay, corner, single-sided, peninsula, see-through, six-sided), catalyst options, features, prices, illustrations, a sizing recommendation chart for each region of the country, and a cost-to-use chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Simple to install, heat one to two rooms, realistic-looking flames

775 - Warm your deck/patio efficiently for comfortable year-round use
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 14 gas, propane, alcohol-gel, and wood outdoor deck/patio heaters, type (radiant infrared umbrella heater, portable log set, outdoor fireplace, portable fireplace, tank-top heater, earthenware woodburning fireplace, portable infrared heater) heat outputs, features, prices, cost to operate heater chart ($ per hour), recommended placement and area of warmth of umbrella-type radiant heaters, illustrations and features of selected models.
Homeowner Benefits: More months use of patio or deck, more comfortable on deck in spring and fall, fewer insect pests

777 - Wood-burning stoves are decorative, efficient, convenient to use
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- Buyer's guide of 11 wood-burning stove/fireplace insert manufacturers listing combustion type (catalytic or noncatalytic), efficiency rate, estimated max. burn time, estimated room area size it will heat, heat output, features (comfort and styling), prices, and firewood selector chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Heat one room or entire house, clean wood heat, good for environment

787 - New electric fireplace kits have realistic flames, use year-round (heat off)
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- Buyer's guide of 11 electric and gel- or liquid-alcohol fuel log and fireplace kit manufacturers showing how the realistic flames and sound are created, the maximum heat outputs for winter use, the various flame settings, heat and sound controls, unique features, cost-to-use chart, prices, and many illustrations of various models.
Homeowner Benefits:Use year-round, install in minute, flames look real, efficient heat

816 - Direct-vent gas fireplaces have realistic flames, high-efficiency
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- Buyer's guide of 13 high-efficiency, direct-vent gas fireplaces and inserts, styles (bay, island, peninsula, see-through, single-sided, indoor/outdoor), heat outputs, efficiencies, controls, combustion air venting options, unique features, illustrations and a cost-to-operate chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Easy-to-add gas fireplace, remote controls for convenience, efficient heat

880 - Corn/pellet heaters are efficient, convenient to use
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- Buyer's guide of 14 corn/wood pellet heaters, types (freestanding and fireplace inserts), heat outputs, hopper capacity, heating capacity listed in square feet, burn time in hours, vent options, auger/feed design, features, illustrations, descriptions of the types of pellet appliances, and a fuel cost (corn, pellets, gas, propane, electricity, oil, wood) comparison chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Heat one to two rooms, clean, smoke-free heat, good for environment

961 - European masonry fireplaces are convenient and efficient
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- buyer's guide of 13 manufacturers and builders of true masonry and soapstone heaters, detailed descriptions of the interior structures, design types (many styles pictured), heating instructions with illustrations and explanations, a firewood selector guide, firewood tips and a hardwood fuel values chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Whole-house wood heating, low emissions, attractive addition to home interior

982 - Use earth-friendly biomass to heat your home
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- There is no Update Bulletin with this column topic. See companies' contact information in the column.
Homeowner Benefits: Reduce heating costs, help the environment, save fossil fuel resources

Fireplace Usage and Safety Tips - This DIY Homeowner Guide section lists many tips for using your fireplace safely and background information about selecting and using various types of fireplaces efficiently.