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474u - "Efficiency considerations when remodeling an old bathroom" - c474-1.jpg - This shows the water flow in an American Standard FloWise™ 1.28 gpf elongated toilet. Notice how the water both rinses the bowl and flow underneath it to create the flushing suction. - Spork Design

- c474-2.jpg - This is a one-piece French contemporary design 1.6 gpf elongated toilet. This gravity-flush toilet has an extra large front jet for effective flushing. - Photo credit - American Standard

- c474-3.jpg - These are various styles of low-cost water-saving showerheads. Notice the push-button laver valves on the two chrome metal models on the right. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c474-4.jpg - This quiet bath vent fan has a motion sensor to switch it on when someone enters bathroom. - Photo credit - Broan

- c474-5.jpg - This four-fixture rail light uses bright LED bulbs for accent and ambient lighting. The wiring is hidden inside the rail. - Kichler Lighting

- c474-6.jpg - This electric floor radiant heating kit has the heating cable spaced properly in a mesh. This is ideal for tile floor applications. - Warmly Yours

- c474-7.jpg - Electric radiant heating cable/mesh is placed on a kitchen floor before the ceramic tile is installed. The manufacturer can advise about how much to use. - Photo credit - Heatizon