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Editorial Calendar for 2018/2017/2016

Click the month topic to download the column. Note: Topics in bold type with an (*) are completed and ready for download. They will be available at least three months before the release date. If you have questions or any problems, please contact me at dulley@dulley.com or call me at (513) 231-6034.

The rate is $100 per column that you use. When you use a column, send an email to me at dulley@dulley.com to let me know. I will invoice quarterly for simplicity.

*May 2018 : Efficiency considerations when remodeling an old bathroom

*April 2018 : Methods to reduce operating cost for old electric water heater

*March 2018 : Maintain an efficient, comfortable, healthy indoor humidity level year-round.

*February 2018 : Replace and adjust window springs yourself so the window stays up.

*January 2018 : Do you need a whole-house surge supressor and which is best?

*December 2017 : How to select and properly size a backup generator

*November 2017 : Select the best electric space heater type for various rooms, uses and overall savings

*October 2017 : How to efficiently bring fresh air into your house year-round

*September 2017 : How to do your own mini-energy audit of your home

*August 2017 : Design sunscreen/windbreak deck for year-round comfort and savings

*July 2017 : Apply low-E window film yourself for year-round energy savings, improved comfort

*June 2017 : Select best heat pump air cleaner for your family - meaning of MERV

*May 2017 : How to improve outdoor lighting for security and entertaining

*April 2017 : How to select the proper replacement window for your specific house

*March 2017 : Select the best super-efficient house construction technology for your new home

*February 2017 : How to utilize attic for storage space and seal/insulate the opening

*January 2017 : Build a simple solar window heater project with your kids

*December 2016 : Remodel your kitchen for efficiency, convenience, modern décor

*November 2016 : How to select and size a super-quiet bathroom vent fan for efficiency, humidity control, indoor air quality

*October 2016 : Repair and maintain fireplace chimney for efficiency and fire safety

*September 2016 : How to convert and insulate a garage (or basement) into efficient extra living space

*August 2016 : Mini-split ductless air conditioner (heat pump) to efficiently cool (heat) one room or entire house

*July 2016 : Select, size, locate, and use ceiling paddle fans for year-round comfort/savings

*June 2016 : Proper landscaping can lower cooling costs, improve comfort and save energy year-round

*May 2016 : Do-it-yourself heat pump/air conditioner tune-up tips for most cooling output and efficiency

*April 2016 : How to use more natural light indoors efficiently

*March 2016 : Benefits and selection of heat pump water heaters

*February 2016 : Make your own inexpensive storm windows or buy new ones

*January 2016 : Compare and select efficient type of heating system for your specific house