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404u - "Maintain an efficient comfortable, healthy indoor humdiity level year-round." - c404-1.jpg - Heavy condensation on the inside of a sliding glass patio door is a good indication the indoor humidity level is too high for the outdoor temperature. - James Dulley

- c404-2.jpg - Digital thermostats that control the humidifier during winter and blower speed during summer can maintain a healthy humidity level. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c404-3.jpg - Using a bathroom vent during and after bathing can reduce excess moisture throughout the house. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c404-4.jpg - If you need more indoor humidity, leave water stand in bathtub until it cools off. this also saves energy. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c404-5.jpg - Durning the summer, turn off the water to the humidifier and shut the damper in the short bypass duct. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c404-6.jpg - Indoor plants can add needed moisture to the air in a house. Several species can also help to rid the indoor air of harmful chemicals. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c404-7.jpg - A whole-house exhaust ventilation fan can draw humid air from many rooms at once. - Photo credit - James Dulley