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    "Saving money in an
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286u - "How to improve outdoor lighting for security and entertaining" - c286-1.jpg - An add-on motion-sensing switch is attached to a standard two-bulb halogen floodlight over a garage door. It stays on for only 60 seconds after no motion is detected. - James Dulley

- c286-2.jpg - A tall die cast metal landscaping light brightens a large area to double as a security light. The large diameter top limits light pollution of the night sky.. - Photo credit - Philips Hadco

- c286-3.jpg - When installing outdoor security/entertainment lighting, always follow local electric codes. This installation uses rigid metal conduit. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c286-4.jpg - There will be a delay to reach full brightness with a CFL bulb in colder temperatures. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c286-5.jpg - This efficient outdoor security light is mounted against a wall. It is designed to focus all the light downward on a sidewalk or patio. - Photo credit - Kim Lighting

- c286-6.jpg - The is a cutaway view of an LED floodlight. Four white LED's are clustered to focus light on a relatively small outdoor area.. - Photo credit - Philips Hadco

- c286-7.jpg - View of an efficient and well-lighted house for security and entertaining. - Photo credit - Philips Hadco