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Column Topic High-Resolution Graphic Download Links
320u - "How to utilize attic for storage space and seal/insulate the entrance" - c320-1.jpg - This shows an insulated corrugated, weatherstripped box over the attic entrance opening. When the stairs are unfolded and you are entering the attic, just lift off the box and place it to the side. - Photo credit - Battic Door

- c320-2.jpg - A folding wooden ladder with counterbalance springs folds up into three sections. - Photo credit - Calvert

- c320-3.jpg - Strong steel attic ladder has built-in handrail and insulated attic opening cover. - Photo credit - Rainbow

- c320-4.jpg - Metal attic ladder folds up into a very small space on top of insulated and sealed opening cover. - Photo credit - Rainbow

- c320-5.jpg - When the attic entrance cover is zipped closed, it seals very well. Notice the extra thick insulation in attic with just standard insulation under the floor immediately around the entrance. - Photo credit - Attic Tent

- c320-6.jpg - Once you lower the folding stairs, climb up and unzip the cover to enter the attic. Notice how well it is attached the attic floor. - Photo credit - Attic Tent

- c320-7.jpg - This lightweight foam (similar to a cooler) attic entrance cover insulates and reduces air leakage. - Photo credit - Atticap

- c320-8.jpg - This is the attic entrance cover in Dulley's home. Notice the black weatherstripping on the top of the molding and the foam insulation on top of the cover. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c320-9.jpg - Nail furring strips to pegboard to use as attic flooring for storage area. - Photo credit - James Dulley