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321u - "How to repair and maintain a fireplace chimney for efficiency and fire safety" - c321-1.jpg - This illustration shows the common problems with masonry chimneys. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-1a.jpg - This shows the text callouts for the graphic above. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-2.jpg - This synthetic mortar repair material is easy to apply, durable and dries to the same color as real cement-based mortar. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-3.jpg - This patch system repairs and seals the flashing around the base of the chimney. A piece of mesh is covered with tough a polymer material which adheres well. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-4.jpg - It is a good idea to periodically seal the brick and mortar with a spray sealant. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-5.jpg - The mortar crown on a chimney top can be repaired with mortar or a brush on elastic polymer-based material which will not crack. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-6.jpg - Clean off the interior of the fireplace opening to keep the mortar and brick looking new. - Photo credit - ChimneyRX

- c321-7.jpg - This is a rusted chimney cap which should be replaced. The mortar crown appears to still be in good condition. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c321-8.jpg - This metal flashing has not started to leak yet, but with the corrosion, it should be replaced or coated with a flashing repair material. - Photo credit - James Dulley