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819u - Proper landscaping to reduce energy costs and improve comfort - c819-1.jpg - The deciduous trees on the south side of the home allow the sun's heat through during winter. Evergreens are located to the northeast. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c819-2.jpg - Evergreens are located to the northwest to block cold winter winds. The gap in front of the garage allow the summer breezes from the southwest through. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c819-3.jpg - A row of hemlocks on the north side of the home block the cold winter winds. They do not block the winter sun because it does not swing that far to the north during winter. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c819-4.jpg - Typical efficient tree landscaping plan for a temperate climate with concerns for summer cooling plus winter heating. Notice the evergreen windbreak to the north and northwest sides. - Photo credit - James Dulley
- c819-5.jpg - Same illustrations as above without the text. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c819-6.jpg - The tall trees are located to the summer for shading. There are abundant plantings near the house to create a cooling effect. It is located at the base of a hill for wind protection. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c819-7.jpg - Deciduous trees shade house with open for breezes. Few plantings around house foundation to reduce humidity level. - Photo credit - James Dulley