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391u - Make your own inexpensive storm windows or buy new ones - c391-1.jpg- Do-it-yourself interior storm windows with wood frame and shrink film. Notice the compression weatherstripping around the edge.- James Dulley

- c391-2.jpg - Staple or nail a strip of wood over a second layer of tape to make sure the shrink film does not come loose. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c391-3.jpg - Use a blower dryer to shrink the film just enough to be taut. Do not overheat it.. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c391-4.jpg - Push the storm window in as far back as possible to create tne smallest air gap. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c391-5a.jpg - Red Devil Snap N Seal storm window kit being attached with adhesive tape to the primary window frame. - Photo credit - Red Devil

- c391-5b.jpg - Close-up view of the storm window frame with acrylic sheet being installed on the primary window frame. - Photo credit - Red Devil

- c391-6a.jpg - Acrylic sheet with molded silicone edge weatherstripping is being placed in the window opening.. - Photo credit - Indow Window

- c391-6b.jpg - First install the top and bottom edges and then push in the sides. - Photo credit - Indow Window