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Book #1 - "Affordable Efficient Houses" | Book #3 - "100 Most Popular"

Book #2 - "Earth Friendly Home" - 208 pages
Copyright - November, 1999

by James Dulley

If you are concerned about rapidly rising utility bills and protecting the environment, you can produce your own heat, cooling and electricity with free alternative energy (solar, wind, geothermal, electric solar cells and firewood). There are new alternative energy products and do-it-yourself methods available that do not require large solar panels on your roof. You can build many types of inexpensive simple air and water solar heaters over a weekend.

My new "Earth Friendly Home" book includes 51 Update Bulletins and unedited newspaper columns. I have used many of these alternative energy and other energy-saving ideas in my own home. I have cut my own utility bills by over 70% while reducing air and water pollution and global warming. There is also much less wear and tear on my furnace, air conditioner and water heater.

Included in this book are -

· 460 Manufacturers of New Efficient Alternative Energy Products:
addresses, telephone no., product details & specifications -

solar greenhouse kits and accessories, windmills to generate electricity, new super-high-efficiency skylights and skylight tubes, corn/pellet-burning stoves, fireplaces and efficiency-improvement accessories, solar water heating systems, solar swimming pool heaters, solar and non-chemical swimming pool water purification, solar yard lights, small and whole-house photovoltaic systems, insulated and ventilated cathedral ceiling panels, solar ceramic tile, emergency backup generators, solar attic fans, attic foil, ground-source heat pumps, gazebo kits, solar food cooker and food drying kits, infloor “warm feet” heating, purifying house plants, efficient replacement windows

· 21 Low-Cost Do-It-Yourself Solar/Alternative Energy Projects:
instructions, diagrams & manufacturers -

air-type and water-type solar collectors for space and water heating, small solar window heater, small breadbox solar water heater, solar baking oven, solar food dryer, solar sunspace and greenhouse plans, solar chimney for natural summer cooling, reflective insulating window shutter, solar deck, firewood selector guide, solar Trombe wall, permanent and removable sun-control window film, solar firewood dryer, Finnish whole-house masonry fireplace kits

· 10 Do-It-Yourself Landscaping/Site Improvement Project/Plans:

Enhance the appearance of your house and yard while using alternative energy, efficiency and earth-friendly characteristics of your house - do-it-yourself retaining wall kits for earth berming and plantings, do-it-yourself patio paver products and plans for passive solar heating, climbing vines for shade and windbreak protection, dwarf shrub selector guide for foundation protection, tree selector guide for whole-house shade and windbreak protection, solar floor plan layouts

Table Of Contents - 13 Chapters

1) Solar Water Heating 2) Wind Energy 3) Photovoltaics 4) Solar Heating & Cooling 5) Wood Heating 6) Solar Food Preparation 7) Passive Solar Houses and Sunspaces 8) Swimming Pools 9) Exterior Solar Improvements 10) Landscaping 11) Windows and Skylights 12) Window Improvements 13) Other Alternative Energy Topics

25% web discount from bookstore retail prices

There is a additional 10% discount when ordering all three books.

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