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30 General Topics Lists

Tool Topics

Click on the column headlines below to read the entire unedited columns and view the related illustrations. Most of my columns that you read in your newspaper or magazine have been edited due to space constraints.

Homeowner Benefits? - These are the potential benefits that a typical homeowner will realize by following the tips or by installing the home-related products that are discussed in this column.

770 - High pressure washers are ideal for many jobs
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 30 home-use pressure washers listing cleaning power, accessories, operating costs, weights, prices and pressure washing tips.
Homeowner Benefits: Save water overall, thorough cleaning

845 - Rechargeable battery and robot lawn mowers are quiet, powerful
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of 10 rechargeable cordless and gasoline walk-behind and robot mower manufacturers listing speeds, OHV or L-head engine, prices, horsepower, cutting width, weight, cutting height, lawn grass selector guide showing 10 different types and mulching mowing tips.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower pollution, quieter, time-saving.