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901u - "Select the best electric space heater type for various rooms, uses and overall savings" - c901-1.jpg - This three-heat output convection heater is ideal for directing heat to so a specific location or can be set to oscillate to heat a larger area. - Lasko Products

- c901-2.jpg - This oscillating heater is small enough to be used on the floor or a tabletop for very directed heating. - Photo credit - Lasko Products

- c901-3.jpg - This convection heater has electronic controls with digital readout and two heat settings plus automatic thermostatic control. - Photo credit - Lasko Products

- c901-4.jpg - This quartz radiant heater lights one or both elements for two heat settings and is ideal for heating a specific location or person. - Photo credit - James Dulley

- c901-5.jpg - This convection model has wireless remote digital controls and thermostat. Place the sensor next to you and set the heater to your desired level of comfort. - Photo credit - Holmes

- c901-6.jpg - This is a tower-style ceramic convetion heater with an oscillation feature and digital controls and thermostat. The ceramic heating element does not get red hot as most other heaters do. - Photo credit - Holmes