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James Dulley
General Reference Section

I have several general reference sections that will help you to understand your home better and to make improvements to it.

General Energy Efficiency Reference Articles

There is a series of 20 longer articles about many housing-related topics. These articles also have links to my related newspaper columns and Update Bulletins

1,000 Building/Home-Related Product Manufacturers

This section lists manufacturers of many common products and supplies you will need when building a home or making improvements. There are over 1,000 manufacturers listed along with their telephone numbers.

Associations of House-Related Product Manufacturers, Professional and Energy/Conservation Services

This section lists many associations that are an excellent resource for information on many building products and services.

Glossary of Housing Terms

This section will help you to understand building-related writings. There are often many housing terms used that have unique meanings. Look up any words here that you do not understand