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Helpful tips on using the Ms. Builder web site

Ms. Builder Library of Columns: Browse through all past newspaper columns. There are 21 basic topic area. The column title is listed under the topic area that is most appropriate. Some columns may be listed under more than one topic area if it fits more than one area. Just click on the title to read the entire column.

Fix-It-Yourself Home Projects: Detailed instructions for common repair projects around the house. This are basic instructions for the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer to get started. You may still need to get some additional help or advice, but at least after reading this information, you will be be better able discuss the project with others.

Do-It-Yourself Home Weekend Projects: Detailed instructions for fun simple home improvement and outdoor projects. These are similar in format to the above project information, but they are more fun projects - not repairs or fixes of problems.

Word Search all Column Topics: Search every column for information on any topic. You just type in a word (actually a group of words) and the titles of any columns containing those word will appear in a list. If you click on any of the titles, you will be linked to the complete column to read it.

Hand Tool Descriptions: Pictures and descriptions of many types of common had tools. These are simple line drawings of various tools. If a project calls for a certain tool, you can search for it among the drawings so that you know what it is. You may already have it and not even know it by the name listed in project instructions.

1,000 Building/Home Product Sources: There are more than 1,000 product manufacturers and their telephone numbers in 15 product categories. This is a good place to start when looking for home-related and building/remodeling products.