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30 General Topics Lists

Indoor Air Quality-Allergy Topics

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Homeowner Benefits? - These are the potential benefits that a typical homeowner will realize by following the tips or by installing the home-related products that are discussed in this column.

463 - Roll small portable air conditioner from room to room
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- Buyer's guide of 10 manufacturers (36 models) of portable air conditioners showing cooling capacity, efficiency ratings, airflow rates, dehumidifying outputs, sound levels, comfort/convenience features, weights/dimensions, prices, and cost-to-use and utility bills savings charts.
Homeowner Benefits: Roll one unit from room to room, spot cool any room, lower utility bills

486 - Register/duct booster fans improve year-round comfort, savings
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- Buyer's guide of 14 automatic register and duct booster fan, filter and decorator register manufacturers listing design types, dimensions of the units, fan air flow ratings, electricity usage, features describing automatic and special controls, decorative finishes (registers only), illustrations of many units, and prices.
Homeowner Benefits: Boost cooling output to a hot room (summer) or heat to a chilly room (winter), more attractive registers

487 - New unique-looking ceiling fan for comfort and efficiency
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- Buyer's guide of 11 manufacturers of high-quality, standard and air cleaner ceiling fans listing unique and unusal styles, blade pitch, blade size, blade finishes and colors, speed range (rpm), controls (hand-held or wall-mount), features, many illustrations and features of selected models, a chart showing recommended fan sizes and temperatures for various rooms.
Homeowner Benefits: Improve indoor comfort year-round, lower utility bills, attractive appearance

503 - Household carbon monoxide detector/alarms protect your family
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- Buyer's guide of eight CO detector/alarms and tablet manufacturers (32 models) listing number of stages, power sources (plug-in, hardwired, battery), type of alarm (audible and/or visual) warranties, features, safety tips to help reduce CO levels, diagram showing potential CO sources in the home, chart showing effects of CO exposure, chart of health effects and sources of indoor combustion pollutants, illustrations and descriptions of various models.
Homeowner Benefits: Safety for your family from carbon monoxide poisoning

569 - New water filters/purifiers for safety and better taste
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- Buyer's guide of the best 16 water filter and purifier manufacturers listing descriptions of the filtration methods, styles (countertop, under-counter, faucet, water bottle) of the various models, features, prices, many illustrations of models, and two charts showing the recommended filtration methods for hazardous contaminants and common water problems.
Homeowner Benefits: Water tastes better, healthier to drink, cooked foods taste better, cheaper than bottled water

586 - Use certain houseplants and special planters to purify air naturally
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- List of purifier planters, 20 most effective house plants for specific pollutants and a growing guide, tips for healthy houseplants, general information on hydroponics, description of different hydroponic systems and kits, list of manufacturers and suppliers of hydroponic kits and supplies, do-it-yourself instructions for building a simple hydroponic unit.
Homeowner Benefits: Improve air quality naturally, add moisture to air

621 - Install tight-sealing dryer vent kit for savings, reduce indoor pests
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- Buyer's guide of the11 best-sealing dryer vent kits with brief description, installation instructions for the floating cap dryer vent, clothes washing and drying efficiency tips: electronic insect and rodent repellers, types (portable, plug-in, light trap), maximum coverage areas, product details and illustrations.
Homeowner Benefits: Keeps out bugs, drafts and allergens, saves energy

641 - Whole-house fans cool house quietly and inexpensively, easy to install
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- Buyer's guide of eight whole-house fan manufacturers (28 models) listing blade diameters, maximum air flows, rpms, drive types (direct or belt drive), features, prices, suggested operation of a whole-house ventilation fan, and do-it-yourself installation instructions with a diagram, illustrations, diagram and explanation of how whole-house fan draws in cool air and expels hot air.
Homeowner Benefits: Lower electric bills, greater comfort, fresh air in home

649 - Portable, room-size humidifiers improve comfort, save money
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- Buyer's guide of 10 humidifiers, designs (tabletop, console), selector guide of various humidifier types shoqing illustration of evaporative, warm steam, steam mist, cool mist, ultrasonic, description of how the differnt types of units work, advantage and disadvantages of each type, outputs, features, humidification sizing chart and a chart showing maximum indoor humidity levels to avoid window condensation.
Homeowner Benefits:Improve indoor air quality, protect furniture from damage, lower utility bills

718 - Room air cleaners are necessary even with a furnace filter
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- Buyer's guide of the 16 most effective room air cleaner manufacturers (55 models) listing maximum cfms, clean air delivery rates (CADR's) - dust, tobacco smoke and pollen, filter types (HEPA, electronic, electrostatic, pleated media, high density), recommended room size in sq. ft. for each model, speeds, weights, features, prices, a sizing selector chart, illustrations and descriptions of various models.
Homeowner Benefits: Reduce allergies, remove odors, target specific rooms

733 - Duct cleaning can improve air quality and lower utility bills
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- List of 550 certified duct cleaning companies across the country, number of certified technicians at each company, descriptions of the three most common duct cleaning methods, and a checklist for selecting a duct cleaning company in your area.
Homeowner Benefits: Reduce allergies, better overall indoor air quality, improve furnace/air-conditioner efficiency

831 - Central vacuum systems clean better and are easy to install
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- Buyer's guide of 12 central vacuum systems manufacturers (55 models) listing type (cyclonic, self-cleaning, cloth or disposable bag), cleaning designs, air watts, dust capacity, cfm, suction in water lift, features, descriptions and illustrations of the various types of filtration methods, a layout guide, suggestions on planning your central cleaning system.
Homeowner Benefits: Very quiet, deep cleaning, no dust or allergens indoors

849 - Allergen-safe vacuum cleaners have special design and filters
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- Buyer's guide of 12 manufacturers (31 models) of HEPA and true-HEPA canister/robot vacuum cleaners listing style (canister or upright), cleaning power (water lift in inches and air flow in cfm), filtration methods, dust bag capacities, length of cord, features, weights, illustrations, prices and descriptions of several models, chart of particle size of common air contaminants.
Homeowner Benefits: Deep-cleaning, elimination of most common allergens

877 - Super-quiet bathroom vent fan/lights have most efficient features
Update Bulletin Description
- Buyer's guide of the11 most-quiet, full-featured bathroom vent fan/lights showing air flow ratings, sound level ratings, lighting options, various automatic sensor options, other features, sample installation instructions, illustrations of many of the models and a recommended sizing chart.
Homeowner Benefits: Quiet operation, vent bathroom efficiently, convenient automatic features

914 - New range hoods are decorative, quiet and efficient
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- Buyer's guide of six quiet/efficient range vent hood manufacturers (18 models) listing styles (canopy, tilt-out, slide-out, island) updraft or downdraft types, sizes, noise levels listed in sones, widths available, speeds, air flows, features, cooking efficiency tips, illustrations and descriptions of various models
Homeowner Benefits: Less noise, improved air quality, fewer odors, stylish appearance

950 - Central air cleaners are effective for allergies, improve efficiency
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- Buyer's guide of 11 whole-house air cleaner maufacturers (35 models) listing filtration methods (self-charging electrostatic, pleated media, HEPA, electronic, UV purifying), dust arrestance ratings, features, prices, an allergen/design selector chart and illustrations and descriptions of selected models.
Homeowner Benefits: Reduced allergies, better indoor air quality, lower heating and cooling costs

993 - Whole-house heat recovery ventilators bring in fresh air
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- Buyer's guide of 13 whole-house HRV and ERV manufacturers listing model numbers, air flow rate ranges, energy transfer efficiency ratings, type of heat exchanger design (enthalpic or just heat/cool), electric power consumption, unique features, prices, illustrations of models and a chart of common indoor air contaminants/problems.
Homeowner Benefits: Bring fresh air into home efficiently, control indoor humidity