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Photos of installation of WaterFurnace 7-Series geothermal heat pump at my house

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Old water heater in front of old heat pump

Plumbing being set up for new water heater

New water heater is located in basement

Old outdoor heat pump unit is being removed

Piping being made for new water heater

Old heat pump is being removed

Old heat pump condenser unit and base are gone

Old heat pump indoor unit is being removed

Old electronic air cleaner is being removed

Old return air duct is removed

Old indoor unit is totally removed.

Outdoor unit is gone and wiring is removed

New return register is being installed in basement

Shhet metal is installed over studs to create air way

Inlet grille is installed over wall opening

WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump is moved into place

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7-Series heat pump is being attached to ductwork

Heat pump in mounted on foam pads and carefully leveled

240-volt wiring is being run to heat pump

Matching thermostat is mounted on dining room wall

Flexible coupling is used to reduce sound

Measurements are taken to make main reutrn duct

The return air duct also uses a flexible coupling

Electric disconnects are mounted on wall

Electric control wiring is attached to circuit boards

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Control boards are being set up for my system

Hot water assist is being connected to water heater

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Water line to connect water heater to heat pump

Water line is being connected to the humdifier

Indoor heat pump installation is complete

Thermostat with touch screen controls

Back hoe is used to dig five foot deep trenches

Trench is being dug from house out into backyard

Flow center pumps water/antifreeze through ground loop

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Flow center being connected to heat pump with insulated pipe

Pipe being rolled out in trench

Pipe is laid on each side of trench.

Pipe will be laid in slinky pattern to use excess length.

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Insulated pipes from heat pump to ground loop

Pipeis being connected to the ground loop through foundation

Pipes through foundation wall into trench

View of backyard. It will one year min. until mounds go down

View of entire backyard after job complete