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Editor Information about James Dulley Columns

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"$ensible Home", "Cut Your Utility Bills", "Earth-Friendly Living"

by James Dulley

Column Information for Newspaper and Magazine Editors

Currently appears in 400 newspapers and 35 magazines

Although other advice columns are written about reducing housing and living expenses, the Q&A "$ensible Home" and "Cut Your Utility Bills" columns are unique in several ways -

  1. They cover a broad range of money-saving topics - heating, building methods, appliances, landscaping, solar, water, lighting, healthy homes, etc. The "$ensible Home" column has an expanded topics range and the format is similar to the popular "Cut Your Utility Bills" column which has been available for the past 22 years.

  2. Each column includes a list of sources of any types of products mentioned so readers can easily find more detailed information is they are interested. This column draws many requests from readers each year. Click here to see several of the Editors' testimonials and readers' comments.

  3. The columns are individualized for various areas of the country. This takes into account local climate and weather conditions, topography, building practices and utility rates. For example, you will not always receive the same columns as the San Diego Union, Detroit Free Press or Dallas Morning News receives.

  4. A selection of color graphics are included with each column; however, each column is written to be understood without the graphics included.

  5. The columns are delivered by email or they and the color graphics files can be downloaded from the web site.

The space-saving Q&A "Earth-Friendly Home" column is new for 2007. It is only 250 words in length and includes a selection of color graphics each week.

To read more than 200 of Dulley's past columns, click on 30 General Topics List.

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